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Liguria International is the company, owned by Regione Liguria and by the two Ligurian Chambers of Commerce, which plays the role of regional policy implementer and coordinator in the internationalization area.

Its goal is the promotion of the Ligurian economic system in the international scenario, working on specific programs in favour of the main economic sectors.

Liguria International works with the Economic Development Department of Regione Liguria and in synergy with the regional policies for territorial marketing, tourism and agriculture.

Its goals are: to sustain and promote the Ligurian economic system in its internationalization processes; to favour the cooperation among the Ligurian SMEs and foreign firms operating in sectors of particular interest for the Ligurian economy, focusing on the increasing sectors of high tech, sea economy, agrifood and quality artistic handicraft; to support and assist the Ligurian enterprises on the foreign markets; to coordinate local authorities and institutions operating in the enterprises promotion’s programs.


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