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Liguria International has been appointed to support the Liguria Region - Strategic Development Sector in the implementation of the Extra-SMEs project, as part of the Interreg Europe 2014-2020 programme.

The aim of the project is to improve policies to promote the competitiveness and export propensity of SMEs in coastal and rural areas of the EU where aquaculture is an engine of the regional economy, through simpler administrative processes and innovative technologies.

Regione Liguria is partner of the Extra-SMEs project, together with eight other partners from six countries, besides Italy, namely Greece (lead partner), Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Romania. (

The project foresees the organization of periodical meetings with regional operators of the aquaculture sector, aimed at activating a local collaboration to the project that takes into account the point of view and suggestions of those who daily work in the sector. 

This has allowed a mapping of the aquaculture sector, both from the point of view of SMEs operating directly or otherwise involved in the value chain of the sector, and from the point of view of institutional stakeholders, identifying what works, what works less and what can be improved. In fact, the project aims to identify and promote experiences and good practices in order to obtain better and simplified administrative processes, to foster internationalization and expansion in wider markets, as well as to stimulate the commitment to innovation processes that will be the engine for job creation.

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