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On the proposal of Andrea Benveduti, Councillor for Economic Development, the Regional Council has approved the €800,000 2021 Implementation Plan for the internationalisation of Ligurian companies, as provided for by Regional Law no. 28/2007. The pandemic emergency has profoundly changed the economic and social scenarios of reference, which require the activation of interventions aimed at effectively and immediately containing the negative effects on the internationalisation of our production fabric," explains the Councillor for Economic Development, Andrea Benveduti. "For this reason, we have prepared an annual plan that will focus on the enhancement of our excellence, on the recognition of our companies and our products on foreign markets with an extraordinary communication campaign aimed at guaranteeing their visibility, also through new ad hoc incentives, linked to the line of digitalisation, useful for opening up to additional demand. But the plan will also take into account the participation of our companies in important virtual fairs, online B2B meetings and tools aimed at the growth of start-ups in the most technologically innovative sectors. The plan will be fully in line with the national instruments, including subsidies, defined by the 'Pact for Export', the extraordinary plan of over a billion euros developed in agreement with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry for Economic Development, as well as the activation of specific instruments such as the 'Europe Start-up' Fund, a tool dedicated to new companies that will enable them to activate support programmes at foreign incubators or with international investors.

At the same time," adds Benveduti, "we will invest in a resumption of promotional activities in presence, taking advantage of the major events scheduled during 2021, such as the launch of activities for Ligurian participation in Expo Dubai 2021 or the Innoprom 2021 fair in Ekaterimburg, as significant global platforms of visibility and opportunities for innovative enterprises, creative industries and technologies for sustainability.

The 2021 Implementation Plan, of which Liguria International, an in-house company of Regione Liguria and the Ligurian Chamber system, will be the implementing party, is divided into 6 integrated areas for which specific projects have been developed: Liguria GO Global, Territorial Excellence, Blue Economy, Life Sciences, High Tech, Start Up.

"The approval coincides with the start of a new phase for Liguria International," explains Ivan Pitto, president of Liguria International. "We have a great deal of work to do to face the great challenges of relaunching our economic system in an attempt to repair the serious damage that Covid has done, also in terms of exports. At this time, when it is not possible to be present and physically present in foreign markets, we have focused on building internal relations with the territory, with our stakeholders, to rethink the governance model and to build a platform of relations that represents even better the requests and needs of our companies on international markets".



TerrAgir3, a European project financed by the Italy-France Maritime Programme, is showing results and aiming at international goals capable of connecting the "Liguria brand" to two other continents in the world: Washington DC for America and Sydney for Oceania. Leading tour operators have already taken part in the call for interest launched by Regione Liguria to promote and market certified "Green & Blue" experiences to rediscover the area, enhancing the offer of farm holiday centres, educational farms and fish farms. The public notice, which is still in progress, is aimed at tourism intermediary operators to prepare for the start of the post-Covid season and also to de-season the number of visitors.

Participation in the expression of interest is free and voluntary. Among the various facilities, it will allow the tour operator exclusive access to a digital book (in Italian, French and English) to easily choose the experiences that can be conveyed in online tour packages. The first feedback from IMARK Holdings (based in Washington DC) and Ormina Tours (North Sydney) have already demonstrated the boundless attractiveness of our region, a concentration of "Best of Italy" over 5416 square kilometres overflowing with art, culture, history, landscapes, nature, food and wine, crafts and traditions told directly by the voice and gestures of the farmers.

"Regione Liguria has been working for over two years with investments amounting to 276,000 euros," explains Alessandro Piana, Vice-President and Regional Councillor for Agriculture, Marketing and Territorial Promotion, "creating a network of companies selected and certified for the high quality of the proposals, which have the ability to offer an authentic, digital storytelling of Liguria, in step with the times and with the expectations of increasingly demanding visitors, i.e. in search of the values that characterize the area, respectful of the genius loci and inclined to offers of personalized services. The TerrAgir 3 project, which began with my predecessor Stefano Mai, came to an end in February, but the database of offers remains open, constantly updated, because our objective remains that of involving and supporting new businesses, so that their full potential can emerge. We will promote the farms and their experiences online on social networks, on institutional websites and through the App 'La mia Liguria', but also through direct contact with bloggers, influencers, Italian and foreign tour operators. There will be many positive effects on the territory, thanks to the expanding contacts and the implementation of interactive totems to discover Liguria, currently located in the hall of Palazzo Ducale in Genoa and at the Iat in Alassio, and soon also in Imperia and La Spezia. Navigating on these tools will allow you to get to know Ligurian companies, currently about fifty for over 150 proposals surveyed by TerrAgir3".

TerrAgir3 is a project realised by Regione Liguria, with the partner Consorzio per la Tutela dell'Olio extra vergine di Oliva DOP Riviera Ligure, in collaboration with Liguria International, Liguria Digitale and the Ligurian Chamber System (Unioncamere, Chambers of Commerce of Genoa and of Riviere di Liguria, special agencies of the Chambers of Commerce). The tools and results of TerrAgir 3 will be pooled with Agenzia in Liguria, the in-house company that is already involved in promoting the entire range of experiential tourism in our region.


TerrAgir3, the overall project and data

The TerrAgir3 project has a total budget of 1,105,763.8 euro, with the Liguria Region budget of 253,231 euro plus 22,990 euro from the Consortium for the Protection of PDO Riviera Ligure Extra Virgin Olive Oil (total budget for the Ligurian territory 276,221 euro). The partners in the TerrAgir3 project are: the Province of Nuoro (lead partner), Liguria Region, Tuscany Region, ODARC (Corsican Agricultural and Rural Development Office), the Consortium for the Protection of PDO Riviera Ligure Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the Cannonau Wine Route, the Federation of Wine, Oil and Flavour Routes of Tuscany, the Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de Corse- CIV.

For further information, please visit:

The Company has published an invitation to tender for the position of Statutory Auditor for the period 2020-2022. 

The notice is published at the following link:




We are pleased to report the webinar organized by Promos Italia, in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UK and NIBI, the Business School for Internationalisation: 

Monday 18th May  from 10 to 12  

with the aim of providing companies with an overview of the opportunities offered by the UK market, distribution channels and Brexit updates. 

Participation is free. 



For any further information please visit the following link: 





Please note that on the website of FI.L.S.E. S.p.A. it is possible to find all the calls for tenders of Regione Liguria for the emergency Covid-19.

At the following link you can see all the facilities: 




In compliance with the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 11 March 2020, containing urgent measures for the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19, applicable throughout the entire national territory, the staff of Liguria International is currently active in smart working mode.  

We are all reachable at our e-mail addresses and telephone number +39 349 7374148 



Liguria International is pleased to inform all interested companies of the following initiative of ICE Agency and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.


Following the emergency situation originated by Covid-19, ICE Agenzia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, which has always worked alongside Italian companies, especially small and medium sized ones, have created a series of webinars to deepen their knowledge and get in touch with the markets of main interest for our exports, through the information assets of ICE Offices abroad.

The webinars will be developed in the period between 16 April and 15 May, and will see the direct participation of 13 offices of the foreign ICE network, in coordination with the Italian Embassies, according to the following schedule:


  • Bern - 16 April at 10.00
  • Beijing - 20 April at 10.00
  • London - 21 April at 11.00
  • Toronto - 22 April at 15.30
  • Moscow - 24 April at 11.00
  • New Delhi - 28 April at 11.00
  • Madrid - 30 April at 10.00
  • Berlin - 4 May at 12.00
  • Dubai - 6 May at 10.00
  • San Paolo - 8 May at 15.00
  • Tokyo - 11 May at 9.30
  • New York - 13 May at 16.00
  • Paris - 15 May at h.11.00


Each appointment, lasting about an hour, provides for the presentation by the local ICE office of the specific situation of the country at the time of the Coronavirus emergency, with particular regard to the measures taken, the sectors most affected, the next promotional initiatives, special ICE projects and suggestions on marketing strategies. The aim of the presentation is to illustrate as much as possible the characteristics of the market and the interventions of the Italian System in conditions of "normality", but also to take advantage of any opportunities determined by the contingent situation and the economic intervention plans of the individual countries. 


Companies interested in participating in webinars can confirm their participation by filling in the form available at the following link: Adesione al webinar

Participation in the webinars is free of charge and it is possible to register for several events by filling in a single form, within the specific deadlines indicated in the form itself.


Considering that the best performance in terms of audio and visualization with foreign offices provides a maximum connection of 500 simultaneous accesses, we will only be able to accommodate the first 500 companies that will register for each session. The companies that, due to the limit of the number of connections, will not be able to access the interactive sessions of the webinar will still be able to follow the work in live streaming. 


For further information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Il 10 settembre apre il bando
Al via il bando SMARTcup Liguria 2018! Hai un’idea imprenditoriale? Sei una start-up? Vuoi diventarlo?

Partecipa alla SMARTcup Liguria 2018, la business plan competition che premia le migliori idee di impresa della Liguria.
Regione Liguria crede nei giovani talenti e nella possibilità di trasformare i sogni in imprese vincenti; per questo sostiene la nascita e lo sviluppo di start up e spin off ad alto potenziale tecnologico.

Per saperne di più: Partecipa


SAVE THE DATE - Road Show SMARTcup Liguria 2018


Hai un’idea innovativa?

Vuoi sviluppare un nuovo progetto imprenditoriale?

Sei uno startupper?

……. Allora partecipa a SMARTcup Liguria 2018,

il concorso di idee imprenditoriali per stimolare la nascita di imprese innovative.

Vuoi saperne di più? Vieni alle presentazioni dell’iniziativa!


Gli appuntamenti in tutta la regione:

Giovedì 20 settembre ore 10,00
Università di Genova - Scuola di Scienze MFN

Dipartimento di Matematica DIMA (aula 714)

Via Dodecaneso 35, Genova


Lunedì 24 settembre ore 10.00
Università di Genova - Scuola Politecnica

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Navale, Elettrica, Elettronica e delle Telecomunicazioni DITEN (Aula Piano - 1)

Via Opera Pia 11A, Genova


Martedì 25 settembre ore 10.00
Università di Genova -Scuola di Scienze Sociali e Scuola di Scienze Umanistiche Dipartimento di Economia DIEC (Aula Passadore – 1° piano)

Via Vivaldi 2, Genova


Giovedì 27 settembre ore 10.00
Università di Genova - Scuola di Scienze matematiche e Farmaceutiche

Dipartimento di Medicina Interna e Specialità mediche DIMI (Saletta conferenze) Viale Benedetto XV, 6, Genova

Il calendario sarà presto aggiornato con le presentazioni su tutto il territorio regionale!


Liguria International ha il piacere di segnalare il seguente workshop, organizzato da Regione Liguria e Liguria Ricerche:

“Innovating the Healthcare: Trends, Challenges, Opportunities and Risks”

L’evento si terrà a Genova il 18 giugno 2018 presso il CISEF GASLINI - Centro Internazionale di Studi e Formazione Germana Gaslini (Villa Quartara, via Romana della Castagna, 11A) a partire dalle ore 9.00.

Per l’iscrizione è necessario registrarsi al seguente link.




Pubblicato l’Avviso per la selezione delle micro, piccole e medie imprese dell’area di cooperazione che possono accedere ai servizi dell’Centro di Competenze Transfrontaliero nell’ambito del progetto Fr.I.NET2.

Le filiere prioritarie coinvolte dal progetto sono nautica e cantieristica navale, turismo innovativo e i settori ad esse collegati. Maggiori dettagli sono disponibili nella pagina del portale dell’Acceleratore dedicata alle filiere.

I servizi specialistici riguarderanno le seguenti aree tematiche:

  • Strategia ed organizzazione aziendale
  • Innovazione e trasferimento tecnologico
  • Posizionamento sui mercati locali ed esteri
  • Accesso al credito e ai finanziamenti pubblici

La presentazione delle candidature potrà avvenire dal 14 maggio all’8 giugno 2018.

Guarda il video di presentazione




FRI_START Newsletter n.1 - GIUGNO 2018


Selezione delle migliori idee imprenditoriali: Aperto il bando per partecipare alla FRI-START CUP:

Pubblicato l’invito a presentare idee e progetti imprenditoriali per partecipare alla FRI_START CUP, la competizione transfrontaliera pensata per supportare l’avvio di start up e imprese innovative soprattutto nei seguenti ambiti:

  • turismo innovativo e sostenibile
  • biotecnologie blu e verdi
  • energie rinnovabili blu e verdi
  • nautica e cantieristica


I 50 progetti selezionati beneficeranno di: servizi di tutoraggio personalizzato, mentorship imprenditoriale, organizzazione e presentazione del progetto ad investitori transfrontalieri, study visit all’estero e partecipazione all’evento FRI_START CUP Cooperation Summit – Sassari, Ottobre 2018.

A conclusione dell’evento, gli 8 migliori progetti beneficeranno di un servizio di cross border venturing, partecipando ad incontri con investitori dell’area transfrontaliera.

Le candidature potranno essere presentate on line dal 14 maggio al 16 luglio 2018 entro le ore 12:00, accedendo alla Home Page, sezione FRI_START CUP – Come partecipare: link

Guarda il video Promozionale, Scarica il Bando … e affrettati a presentare la tua idea!!!



Banca dati degli esperti: Aperte le selezioni:

Aperto l’AVVISO pubblico per INDIVIDUARE e SELEZIONARE i soggetti ESPERTI che affiancheranno i partner del progetto FRI_START nell’erogazione dei servizi transfrontalieri di incubazione ed accelerazione alle start up.

Si ricercano competenze nei seguenti ambiti:

  • business planning
  • business model
  • finanza aziendale
  • marketing/comunicazione
  • supporto legale
  • innovazione e trasferimento tecnologico
  • risorse umane
  • internazionalizzazione


Le candidature possono essere presentate a partire dal 24 maggio 2018….. AFFRETTATI!!!

Per ulteriori informazioni:

Valeria Rainisio

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

tel. 010.65631 – 010.8403368






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