High tech

350 km of coastline overlooking the most beautiful sea in Italy, along with its historic towns, green hills, hilltop villages, commercial ports and marinas. Famous throughout the world as the Italian Riviera, in recent years Liguria has been increasingly focused on developing its technological infrastructure to foster economic growth and competitiveness and to promote an ecosystem that favours innovation and entrepreneurship.

Today, Liguria boasts a large number of active companies with a focus on software development, IT security and digital services. This process has been applied throughout the region, from maritime technologies, port management, aerospace engineering and aviation to renewable energy and marine biotechnology, all in the name of technology-driven innovation.

Moreover, in the field of research, Liguria stands out for the many organisations, institutions and universities in the region: national and international centres of excellence that strive to ensure continuous technological progress.

Blue economy

Spanning the north-west coast of Italy, Liguria has a long maritime tradition, with the sea playing a vital role in a significant part of its economy.

The Blue Economy represents excellence in the region and encompasses various sectors: from shipbuilding to yachting, mega yacht refitting and marinas, fishing, aquaculture, renewable energy, biotechnology, coastal protection and maritime transport.

In Liguria, these sectors play a key role in creating jobs, promoting innovation and contributing to economic growth while ensuring the conservation and sustainable management of marine resources and ecosystems.

Italy’s main port system is a major player throughout the Mediterranean region, particularly the ports of Genoa, Savona-Vado and La Spezia where the world’s largest shipping companies operate.

Liguria is the leading Italian region in the cruise market, managing over 3 million passengers in 2023, proof that Liguria is a hub that is becoming increasingly pivotal for the large cruise-port systems of Northern Europe.

Not only that, but Genoa has been home to the ‘Salone Nautico’ boat show since 1960, one of the most important events for the yachting market in the world.

Marketing and Attractiveness

As part of the promotional activities of such a multi-faceted region – a fascinating tourist destination that offers a unique combination of natural beauty, culture, history, cuisine and UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Regione Liguria has singled out two entities, Agenzia in Liguria and Liguria International, to focus on matters of marketing and attractiveness and to present the ‘Sistema Liguria’ both nationally and internationally.

The 2024 Marketing and Promotion Plan, a document drawn up after listening to the local community and put together according to a data-driven approach, includes all the marketing, promotional and communication initiatives that will be rolled out throughout the year by both the Regional Agency for Tourism Promotion and Marketing in Liguria and Liguria International.


The marketing plan starts by analysing the system data and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the region, continuing on to set out the main strategies and identify any areas of intervention, establishing what the objectives are for 2024 and what action is necessary to reach them for each item, all with the aim of attracting people and investment to the area and promoting local economic development.

Agribusiness and Floriculture

Liguria International, in close collaboration with trade associations and the two Ligurian Chambers of Commerce, works to promote agribusiness and floriculture both nationally and internationally.

The economic impact of the agrifood chain on the Ligurian economy is constantly growing, in particular regarding PDO and PGI denominated products. Among the sector’s main products, basil, extra virgin olive oil and wines stand out as ‘food ambassadors’ alongside fish, mussels and unique vegetables such as the Albenga purple asparagus and the Savona Chinotto.

The leading sector of Ligurian agriculture is its production of flowers, potted plants and green foliage, accounting for roughly 75% of regional gross saleable production. Regional professions and traditional specialisations in cultivating plants and flowers in the provinces of Imperia and Savona have led to the establishment of the Western Liguria Agricultural Floriculture District (Distretto Agricolo Florovivaistico del Ponente) with the aim of bringing together and representing all the categories involved in the production chain, incentivising research and experimentation as well as planning and promoting production.


Ceramics, filigree jewellery, slate and lacework are just some of the refined handicrafts typical of Liguria. Fascinating working techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation, from one pair of expert hands to the next.

In Liguria, craftsmanship that is not only artistic but also traditional, characteristic of the region and of the highest quality is regulated by a regional law, which has identified 26 craft trades to be protected. The region has appointed the Chambers of Commerce, in collaboration with the Italian Confederation of Craft Trades (CNA) and the artisan association Confartigianato, to certify the companies with the Artigiani In Liguria label: a designation that values and distinguishes ‘top class’ companies on the market and, for the consumer, guarantees and certifies high-quality Ligurian craftsmanship.

Attractions and Foreign Investment

Liguria is the perfect place to live, study, work, spend your free time or even relocate your company.

Its convenient location on the Mediterranean coast, its ports, climate and ‘people-friendly’ city development all guarantee a high quality of life.

To attract both people and capital, a number of actions have been carried out, including:

  • research and analysis of regional macroeconomic data and various sector-based points of focus
  • analysis of foreign trade growth trends
  • incoming and outgoing trade missions
  • planning of roadshows, B2B meetings, company trips
  • targeted marketing campaigns

For the real estate sector in particular, Regione Liguria provides national and international investors with a layout of the available public areas on the digital platform Opportunity Liguria.

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